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    Trampoline To Health

    Jumping basically requires jumping about on a trampoline the way children do.
    And this way you loose the weight as well. Not only is this FUN but it's a great activity for blood circulation, varicose veins and cellulite. For females I hear it is also good for your endocrine system.

    Rebounding energizes the inner working of cell system and increases the blood circulation. It adds forces in vertical direction. Slow up and fast down to the gravitational pull.

    As far as safety is concerned, Some precautions should be followed.
    Otherwise, it's an enjoyable exercise for anyone.

    It is a great full body's work out; It is non-jarring to the joints. With a trampoline, the mat absorbs and reduces impact and reduces any bad effect on knees and waist joints.

    If you exercise on a hard surface, it is not always good for body joints and can cause pain and even injury.

    A trampoline exercise works similar to a vacuum cleaner, which creates a vacuum at the end of the hose. Here air rushes into fill the space. Rebounding on a trampoline works the same way; rebounding cells are forced to the bottom of the bounce and squeeze toxins, and poison out from around the cellular tissue spaces.

    So what is the GREATEST way to use a trampoline?
    But really, best way to use a trampoline is:

    1. Concentrate on pushing down the balls of the feet.

    2. Going up is natural; you do not need to do anything.

    3. Keep abdominal in and maintain the correct posture throughout the work out.

    And you'll enjoy every moment spent on your trampoline.

    Large clumsy Trampolines can be purchased and set up. But you can also get a miniature
    Trampoline, for about $20.00, and get the same results…
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